PFA Flying For Fun Rally 18-20 August 2006

VISITING AIRCRAFT - Index and Acknowledgements

This is a list of the aircraft at the PFA Flying For Fun Rally at Kemble on 18th to 20th August 2006, and the residents, also visitors in the build-up period for the benefit of those who arrived early to help with the set-up.

Attendance was badly curtailed by the weather, with the final total just over 600 participants, plus about 130 residents.

It was collated by David Wise assisted by Vince Horan, Ray Hill and Steven Thompson. The primary sources were the official booking-in and booking-out records and the movements log, produced by teams led by Bernie King, Nigel Hitchman and Dave Haines. About 30 volunteer helpers were involved. A check of visitors night-stopping was made early on Saturday and Sunday.

Short local flights have been omitted (including trade demo's and a few weather diverts-back). Longer absences overnight are treated as repeat visits and are shown as multiple attendances.

It has been further cross-checked against several other individual enthusiasts logs, some submitted direct to me and some posted on the Airfields e-mail group. Many thanks to Geoff Church, Kelvin Cross, Chris Blackmun, Ian Grove and Steve Mitchell for their logs, plus additional snippets from several other people.

The registration and type is followed by the approximate time of arrival or departure from the movements log. "Late" simply indicates an evening movement which was not logged, particularly on Sunday. Then the arrival from and, where different, intended destination airfields. Pilots names have been deleted because of data protection act constraints.

With something of this complexity, there are inevitably still a few errors and omissions. If you can provide additions or corrections, please e-mail me:

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To keep the web-page sizes within reasonable bounds, the listings have been split into three sections.

Residents, Non-Rally Visitors and Tradestands
Residents (including the Hangars) with notes of movements.
Non-Rally visitors during the build-up period.

Tradestands and PFA Engineering Display.
Part 1 - Residents & Non-Rally & Tradestands
Visiting aircraft
Listing the Rally visiting aircraft with arrival and departure times, also Pilots and Airfields from/to.
Part 2 - Visitors G-Axxx to G-Bxxx
  Part 3 - Visitors G-Cxxx to G-Zxxx & overseas registered

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