PFA Flying For Fun Rally 1-3 July 2005

VISITING AIRCRAFT - Index and Acknowledgements

This is a list of the aircraft at the PFA Flying For Fun Rally at Kemble on 1st to 3rd July 2005, and in the build-up period.

It was compiled by David Wise, assisted by Ray Hill and Vince Horan. The primary sources were the official booking-in and booking-out records and the movements log. A check of visitors night-stopping was made early Saturday and Sunday.

This list was originally posted on the website.

Short local flights have been omitted (including trade demo's and several weather diverts-back on Friday afternoon). Longer absences including overnight are treated as repeat visits and are shown as multiple attendances.

It is being further cross-checked against several other individual enthusiasts logs, some submitted direct to me, and some copied from the Airfields and CAE e-mail groups. Many thanks to Geoff Church, Kelvin Cross, Andy Drinkwater, Kevin Herpe, Les Herran, Alan Palmer, Mike Roach and Mark for their logs, plus additional snippets from several other people on the internet groups.

In response to comments on the earlier draft releases, I have reorganised the date coding. From the Friday onwards it simply shows the date in July. For the few aircraft present earlier, it shows the last digit of the June date. So the scheme is:
Up to & including Wed 29 June = 9, Thurs 30 June = 0, Fri 1 July= 1, Sat 2 July = 2, Sun 3 July = 3, Mon 4 July or later = 4.

Where known, this is followed by the approximate time of arrival or departure from the movements log. "Late" simply indicates an evening movement which was not logged, particularly on Thursday. It then shows the source and intended destination airfields. Pilots names have been deleted because of data-protection act concerns.


Amendments loaded 19 August

amend G-ETIT C172S (now confirmed as G-ETAT mis-painted)
(photo of G-ETIT has been added)

Amendments loaded 15 August

add HA-LAQ Let-410 (confirmed parachuting at South Cerney on Sunday)
amend HA-YFC Let-410 (parked at South Cerney, may have flown parachute sorties)

Amendments loaded 11 August

For the benefit of those who have already copied the previous issue which was loaded on the website on 19 July, the following changes have been included:

G-CCTE MCR-01 Banbi from KAS Hangar to Tradestands
G-TECS Tecnam Sierra from KAS Hangar to Tradestands
N7219L is a Be 55 not Be 58

amend (unmarked) Europa with Wilksch diesel - this was G-ORPC
delete reference to a second unmarked one
amend (unmarked) RV-9A (incomplete) - this was G-CDCD
G-BUXK Air Camper (Diesel) amend times 1/1620 (road)- 3/1730 (road)
add G-CCTE MCR-01 Banbi from KAS Hangar
add G-TECS Tecnam Sierra from KAS Hangar
add (unmarked) Europa front fuselage pod exhibition unit

G-CBMP delete - error for G-CBHP
G-HPYA delete - incorrect booking-in of G-HOPY

G-BJEL from/to Boynton strip
G-BLRD dep 3/1712
G-BMHL dep 3/1708
G-BNJA dep 3/1715 (road)
G-BPTA from/to Garston Farm
G-BUCO from/to Siege Cross Farm
G-BUPW airfields should be Schwenningen/Headcorn/Lochwinnoch
G-BXDU arr 1/1950
G-KKER type should be Jabiru (not Jodel)
G-TDOG marked XX538

G-AVLN Pup arr 3/1830 (non-rally visitor)

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Instead, please provide a link from your site.
If you re-publish information from this list in magazines, please give a credit to:
David Wise and the web-site.

To keep the web-page sizes within reasonable bounds, The listings has been split into five sections.

Residents, Non-Rally Visitors and Tradestands
Residents (including the Hangars) with notes of movements.
Non-Rally visitors during the build-up period.

Tradestands and PFA Engineering Display.
Part 1 - Residents & Non-Rally & Tradestands list
Visiting aircraft
Listing the Rally visiting aircraft with arrival and departure times, also Pilots and Airfields from/to.
Part 2 - Visitors G-Axxx to G-BNxx
  Part 3 - Visitors G-BOxx to G-Cxxx
  Part 4 - Visitors G-Dxxx to G-Zxxx
  Part 5 - Visitors non-UK Registered

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