Found FBA-2C3 Expedition E-350 Family
Compiled by David Wise


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The Found Aircraft Canada Company started in 1946 as a company called Found Brothers Aviation. The FBA-1 prototype evolved into the FBA-2 which started serial production in 1959.

Production ceased in 1967 but the type had a good reputation and was revived in 1994, restarting production as the tailwheel FBA-2C1 Bush Hawk in 1997, and evolved into the FBA-2C3 Expedition with a nosewheel. Canadian production of this variant had c/ns 300-313 with one tailwheel FBA-2C4 c/n 4000.

The Company ceased operation in 2014. Because of its similar operating environment, it was seen as complementary to the 750XL. So in September 2016, Pacific Aerospace acquired the rights to the FBA-2C3 Expedition E-350 and the production jigs and tooling were shipped to Hamilton.

It is planned that, when fully established in NZ, some aircraft would be built as kits for final assembly in China, by the Beijing General Aviation Company, eventually leading on to full production in China.


PAC Found FBA-2C3 Expedition E-350

This is a 5-seater bush plane, with a 315 h.p. Lycoming IO-580-B1A engine, with a proposed alternative of a Lycoming Turbo TIO-540-AH1A of 300 h.p.

Land-plane, amphibian and pure float-plane variants are to be offered. All aircraft are built including attachment points for floats.

The c/n sequence started at 314, continuing the sequence from those built in Canada.

C/n Model Reg Date History
314 FBA-2C3 2/19 ZK-EXP current

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